A New Years Message Just For You!

Be kind today and everyday, in any way you can.
A smile, a word, a gesture to show you understand.

This year has flown by in lightening speed,
We navigated the storms and re-evaluated our needs.
So many challenges with so many solutions,
It all comes down to excellent execution.

This year has shown me so many things,
That I am resilient and kind, with a strong set of wings.
I’m thankful and grateful for all of your kindness,
We’ve encouraged each other through moments of blindness.

So long ‘transition 12′ and welcome ‘lucky 13′,
Time for new beginnings and exploring the unseen.
Moving to Tampa and shakin it up,
Being closer to family is totally cool stuff!

Wishing you health and happiness too,
and a Happy New Year full of wow and can do!
Sending out warmth and holiday blessings
May you always be encouraged by all of life’s lessons.


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