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  • Small Business Optimism Checklist

    Taking an inventory of your products, processes and productivity will lead to sustainable business success. There are many positive signs and silver linings that have emerged out of the recent business landscape. Corporate America saw some leaps and major crashes, and small business has struggled but continues to work through, innovate and persevere. The biggest …

    February 4th • Business • Views: 198

  • 10 Actions Can Catapult Your Brand

    Catapult is both a noun, a device to hurl an object and a verb, to hurl or launch (something) in a specified direction. It’s a word that can help us visualize action. As we all close out one year and ready ourselves to welcome and succeed in a new one, a brand review can catapult us …

    December 21st • Business • Views: 285

  • Gratitude is Still an Action Word

    “In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.” — Flora Edwards I write and post each year on Thanksgiving day, so that I can appreciate how powerful, timeless and enduring gratitude is to keep us centered on what’s important. The spirit of Thanksgiving …

    November 24th • Business • Views: 418

  • Stuck in a Rut?

    Need to shake up your attitude and mindset for the new year? There are always going to be things going on that are not particularly pleasant or enjoyable. Many of those things, though, are simply out of our control. What we can change and what we do have control over is how we think, approach things and …

    October 12th • Business • Views: 598

  • 7 Zen Principles Make You Happier and More Successful in Business

    On February 7, 2007, I became an entrepreneur for  the second time. I am quite in awe that I am still here given the tumultuous years and change we have all been through. I consider myself a “spiritual entrepreneur,” as I deeply care about the what, why and how of giving back to the community, people …

    October 3rd • Business • Views: 646

  • What is The Right Formula for Your Life Now?

    Life seems to be a continuum of changing the formulations of our lives. The who we are at the moment, the who we want to become and what we want to do at any particular cycle in our lives. This has been a fascinating, exciting and unfolding process since I left corporate 9 years ago. …

    July 2nd • Business • Views: 1427