Do You Still Worry About Online Shopping?

I found this great article published by Anita Campbell, the Founder of about how online websites can make their shopping experience safer, more secure and simply more fun for buyers! Anita is host of the weekly Small Business Trends Radio Show and owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

She opens her article Do You Still Worry About Shopping Online? with “We’ve all been to those websites of dubious origin. You know the ones.  They look cheesy … fly by night. They’re the online equivalent of the guy selling video DVDs or “designer” handbags out of the back of a van in an alley. And then there are the sites that don’t exactly look suspicious (and may in fact be legitimate).  But still … you don’t have enough information to be sure.  No big brand name backs the site to give you confidence.  The site has no contact information on it.  And there’s nothing to indicate who or what company is actually going to fulfill your order or performt he services”.

If you want your  website to instill credibility with cutomers, she offers a checklist of 14 elements you should have on your small-business website for online shoppers. She references survey information from Kilscore, which provides an online trust seal for small business websites.

Do you have these 14 elements on your website?



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