MSNBC’s JJ Ramberg Launches New Book-It’s Your Business 183 Essential Tips

I went to a media event in New York City last year hosted by small business champion and media host Tory Johnson, to learn about how to get more media coverage and attention. She gathered some of the best journalists, writers, TV hosts and consultants including JJ Ramberg, host for the past 6 years of MSNBC’s Your Business, which features weekly resources and tips for small business entrepreneurship!

I got a few minutes to speak with her that day and she asked me to follow up with her! I followed up with JJ shortly after that event and invited her to be on my Radio Show. I decided to use a “reverse PR” approach by featuring her, rather than her featuring me. That approach, led to her asking me to submit a business tip for her then upcoming book, which she picked to be in it!

JJ Ramberg’s new book, It’s Your Business-183 Essential Tips that Will Transform Your Small Business debut’s October 16, published by Business Plus/Hachette Group! Go buy it and check out page 229, Tip #156!

Ramberg shares the smartest, quirkiest wisdom learned from thousands of entrepreneurs she has interviewed over the past six years, on one of MSNBC’s longest running programs.

At a time when small business has taken center stage in Washington politics, JJ shows what’s really happening on Main Street, tracking small business trends and issues while helping navigate an often uncertain environment.

Driven by practical advice, JJ shares tricks-of-the-trade and valuable tips from small business owners, to opinion leaders, and even her own experience founding, a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates to charity with each search.

For more details on the book, and/or to download Chapter 1, see or  To exchange small business tips with the authors via Twitter, see @yourbusinesstip.

I welcome back JJ to the radio as we discuss her new book and the current trends for small business entrepreneurship!


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