SPAM Kills Your Brand!

Seriously, I scratch my head daily, as way too many unsolicited, non permission based emails come through to any one of my 3 emails.

I know it’s a part of and fact of web and email life, but it is a big nuisance and a HUGE brand killer.

No permission = No Reply = Block = Waste of time..

Our friends at Wikipedia define Spam as “the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, social networking spam, television advertising and file sharing network spam”.

It is named for Spam, a low quality luncheon meat, by way of a Monty Python sketch in which Spam is included in almost every dish.

Each week, I clear hundreds of comments on my blog, and see thousands in the admin of blogs I contribute to and people posting on my social sites with links to sales spam. I do skim through them occasionally because as annoying as it is, I am also curious. Most of it comes from other countries whose comments translate into nonsense, or blatant self promotion of products and services that have nothing to do with what I write about.

Can you mine spam for some nuggets prospects? I think so but why?

Nothing is more harmful, deadly or egregious to a brand than using the powerful communications tools we have without permission and no respect or regard for people’s time and attention. It’s so disrespectful to those of us that follow web, email and social media etiquette.

My friend Chris Brogan offers The Insiders Guide to Social Media Etiqette, a must read.

Here is a great article and info-graphic posted on the Constant Contact Blog: What is Social Spam? (And How to Avoid Creating It)

This is ALL of our responsibility, NOT do it and to call out and report people and businesses who do.

Please stop spamming, respect email etiquette  and thanks for doing so.

What do you think?





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