What Makes You Stop, Read and Respond To Blog Articles?

With all the blogs, articles and content out there today, how come some get more interest and action than others? Do you notice a pattern and some commonality in the articles that get reposted out and commented on the most?

There are some really important guidelines that impact how people stop, read and respond to blog articles outlined in this article 5 Elements that Increase Your Blog Opens and Response.

Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2011 report confirms that of the millions of blogs and bloggers:

60% are Hobbyist who write about their specific passions and interests.
18% are Professional Part Time/Full Time who monetize their blogs.
13% are Entrepreneurs who share their professional expertise.
8% are Corporate who gives us a glimpse and a platform to interact with them.

Give people reasons to want to stop, read and respond to you and your articles and they will. Be brief, to the point, be authentic, and bring value to their day.

What makes you stop, read and respond to an article?





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