Why LinkedIn Endorsements Can Make or Break Your Career

Reposted with permission from Gen Y and Workplace Expert Dan Schawbel.


LinkedIn endorsements have really taken off in the past few months. LinkedIn recently announced that there have been over 1 billion endorsements made so far. These endorsements are extremely valuable because the more you have, they higher your profile will rank for each skill. For instance, if you have one hundred professionals endorsing you for your “social media” skills, then when a recruiter is looking for someone with those skills, you will appear higher than others. Endorsements will help your profile become more visible on LinkedIn, giving you more opportunities as a result.

The best way to gain more endorsements is to grow your network and to endorse other people first. When you endorse others, they will naturally feel like they have to return the favor. Endorsements make sense because there are over 200 million people on LinkedIn and recruiters don’t have time to sift through all of them so they look for people who have the most endorsements for relevant skills. Competitively, you can’t afford to ignore LinkedIn endorsements.

Endorsements also tell you how you’re branded online. If you’re in the marketing profession and you receive endorsements for your marketing skills, then you are coming off the right way. If you are getting endorsements for skills that aren’t relevant to your profession or your career goals, then you have to rethink your branding efforts. You want to make sure that you are known for skills that align with your career goals so that you attract the right opportunities on LinkedIn.

In my presentations, I always have a slide that says “self-impression = perception”. Those who make that equation equal are branding themselves effectively. When you’re coming off the way you want to it will make you more successful and happy. You can do this by changing the keywords in your profiles to match those that best represent where you’re going, not where you are or have been.

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