Women Can Tap Into Their Power to Drive the Economy!

As a woman in the business world for many years, I can appreciate the moment that we have right now!
I wrote an article for Smallbiztrends.com, Women Are the New Power Demo, that backs up all the stats on the position and power women have and are starting to leverage.

The Kauffman Foundation also just posted an article and infographic about how “Jobs and economic escalation will follow as more women break through “glass walls” to start high-growth ventures.” The solutions for our current economic recovery are up to all of us, but women can have a big impact but need to  make a bigger stand.

The reason I started this brand in the first place was to inspire and educate women more about being better business people. By bolstering their confidence, leadership and self esteem, women can compete, excel and leverage their 52% work force role.

The Oklahoma Women’s Business and Leadership Conference rolls into Oklahoma City October 29, at Hillsdale College in Moore. This conference is a full day of business education, professional developing and high level networking. This is a roll up your sleeves working event with three learning modules that will focus on leadership, business/entrepreneurship, branding/marketing and networking. I have assembled 11 Oklahoma professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs to get up close and personal with the attendees for the day. This is an opportunity to work on your business not in your business.

Here’s the list of speakers and panelists, some  testimonials and our video!

Why did I pick Oklahoma? I was invited to come and it happens to be a very entrepreneurial, housing friendly, arts rich area for business and living.

  •  There are 27k women owned businesses in Oklahoma (NAWBO)
  • Oklahoma City Voted  Best Places to Buy a Home Since January by ABC  News #2, Forbes #4
  • Oklahoma County 5.1%  unemployment v 9.1 national rate (Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce)

Women can tap into their power and gifts to help drive the economy back. I want to be a part of that initiative. Are you with me girls?

Oklahoma Women’s Business and Leadership Conference.

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