7 Treatments For Acne Scarring That Work!

The worst part about acne and breakouts is that sometimes even after the blemishes and the redness decreases or is completely gone, there still remains a nasty scar, which becomes darker with time and adds an ugly spot on the face.

Some treatments need to be under a dermatologist’s supervision while some can be undertaken at home.

3 At Home Treatments

1. Using skin lightening products like Meladerm to get rid of discoloration and redness that persists overtime.

Various products are available over-the-counter while some might require a prescription.

The main ingredients in these lotions are liquorice extract, kojic acid, hydroquinone, which are all strongly recommended for dark spot reduction.

2. Pockmark fillers are available over-the-counter to treat long back-dated black marks and acne scars.

This is best used after the acne treatment is completed and there is just a mark that needs to be removed.

3. Exfoliation is considered as a good option and is widely followed without any side-effects by many people who have completed an acne treatment.

Chemical exfoliates include salicylic acid and glycolic acid and is successfully used with in conjunction with a facial scrub to remove dark spots. This technique helps to fade acne marks after a couple of repeats spread over a month.

4 Dermatologist Treatments

1. Collagen injections are prescribed when the face has encountered deep depressions from acne treatment over a period of time.

The best way is to fill the depressions with missing collagen. The collagen is inserted with an injection.

2. Laser therapy is quite preferred way for getting rid of the deep acne marks that are really difficult to remove with other methods.

It is very useful for patients who have a large accumulation of spots in one particular area.

Hence only a fraction of the face needs to be reconstructed and not the whole thing.

The damaged tissue is replaced with fresher tissues.

3. Excision is used to get rid of keloid scars which are fleshy.

It is surgical procedure where, the raised scar is cut off and the wound is stitched and closed.

If the stitch marks remain then one might consider getting a laser reconstruction done to remove scar from the face completely.

4. Microdermabrasion is another popular treatment where a sandblaster technique is used to remove very fine layer of the scarred skin from the top.

This stimulates fresh skin tissue to grow back, which is scar-free and softer as well as much healthier.

This method is considered the best of all those listed.

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