Aloe Vera As An Acne Treatment

Aloe vera plant is known to have numerous healing properties.

It is known for its moisturizing effects because of the sap excreted from it.

The sap features healing in a variety of cuts and wounds and helps to regenerate skin faster.

When a pimple breaks out on the skin, the area becomes irritated and inflames or becomes reddish and bumpy.

Acne treatment with aloe vera juice considered to be primary because the juice soothes the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles.

The juice has anti-inflammatory properties.

Various products are available in the market and the drugstores that contain aloe vera in various consistencies.

There are aloe vera soaps, creams, lotions, face-washes, sprays and even tablets for ingestion.

However, a stable skin regime needs to be established in any case even when applying a natural ingredient.

Also one should keep in mind that the other ingredients along with the aloe must be suitable for your skin type.

Aloe Vera Cleanser and Soap

Washing the face with an aloe vera cleanser or facial soap that contains very little detergents is very helpful in cleaning further accumulation of dirt and sweat and oil on the face.

Aloe vera soap can also be used for an oily skin since it does not take away the natural oil secretion, but gently cleanses only the top excess oil accumulated on the pores.

Daily Aloe Vera Gel Regimen

Best way to use the aloe vera products is once in the morning and once at night.

This not only helps to treat acne but also helps to prevent future breakouts.

A gel based aloe vera product is best suited, since it helps to dry the affected area which is clogged with oil secretion from open pores.

The gel soothes the area and helps to decrease the redness and swelling that usually accompanies acne.

The gel can be applied in spots or completed smeared as a very thin film all over.

There should be absolutely no rubbing involved in the whole process.

Aloe Vera Moisturizer and Mask

Aloe vera moisturizer or cream can be used on the entire face for moisturizing the open pores without the addition of any excess oil.

This prevents an excess build up of oil on the face and therefore prevents breakouts when the pores get clogged.

Applying an aloe mask before bed is also a good remedy to cool and soothe the inflamed areas which tend to become warm when sleeping.

The mask need not be applied on the whole face and can be applied only in spots where ever required.

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