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Aloe Vera As An Acne Treatment

Aloe vera plant is known to have numerous healing properties. It is known for its moisturizing effects because of the sap excreted from it. The sap features healing in a variety of cuts and wounds and helps to regenerate skin faster. When a pimple breaks out on the skin, the area becomes irritated and inflames [...]

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Treating Acne With A Colon Cleanse

The colon plays an important role in keeping a person healthy through life. If for some reason the body chemistry is seen to be changing, it mostly is linked in some way or the other to the colon. Same is in the case of acne treatment. Medical practitioners have studied and proved over time that [...]

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7 Treatments For Acne Scarring That Work!

The worst part about acne and breakouts is that sometimes even after the blemishes and the redness decreases or is completely gone, there still remains a nasty scar, which becomes darker with time and adds an ugly spot on the face. Some treatments need to be under a dermatologist’s supervision while some can be undertaken [...]

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