BreastFast Review With Before and After Pics!

After using BreastFast for the past 3 months I thought I should write this review and reveal all!

I know there’s a lot of people interested in this product so I’m going to share my before and after results and tell you everything about it.

Reviews! Below you will also find some new Breast Fast reviews by other women who are using it!

I’ve been self-conscious of the size of my boobs ever since I was a young woman going through puberty at school.

It felt like everyone was developing faster than me and some girls out of nowhere just seemed to sprout ginormous breasts that they loved to flaunt.

It can be hard growing up flat chested.

Boys aren’t as interested in you and the girls can be mean.

When I asked my mother one day why I didn’t have boobs and the girls at school did she said..

“don’t worry, you’ll fill out eventually.”

But eventually never came.

I turned 25 earlier this year and decided that it was time to do something about my breasts.

I lacked self confidence and self esteem and felt like I needed to do something about it.

I was considering surgery but it’s expensive and it can leave a scar but I was seriously considering it.

Then one day while I was reading reviews by women who had gone through breast enlargement surgery I saw an ad for this product called BreastFast.

It had some good reviews and testimonials.

Apparently 91% of women who use it notice a size increase within 3 weeks and 97% gain at least 2 inches or gain a cup size within 3 months.

I saw this post by a user and started to feel hopeful..


And because it was only $129 for a 3-month supply it’s a lot cheaper than surgery.

So, I thought instead of spending $5,000 on surgery why don’t I give Breast Fast a try first.

If it didn’t work then I would consider going the surgery route.

So, I ordered and 3 days later my supply arrived..


Each bottle contains 90 pills and you take 3 per day so each bottle lasts 30 days.

So do the pills work?

My BreastFast Results

I started taking the 3 pills per day as instructed. One with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During the first week I didn’t see any changes but I knew it would take some time so I didn’t let it get me down!

Around the 3 week mark all of a sudden I began to notice changes.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t just sprout some huge melons overnight but they did seem plumper and changes were definitely happening.

Even a friend noticed and said..

“Your boobs are looking bigger!”

This made me feel really good and it gave me hope for the future so I continued taking the Breast Fast pills every day.

3 months later: It’s now been a full 3 months since I began taking the BreastFast pills and my boobs have continued to grow.

When I started I was an A cup and after just 3 months I have grown to a C cup.


I definitely wouldn’t call myself the most outgoing or confident person in the world but thanks to BreastFast I feel 10 times more confident than before and my self-esteem has grown leaps and bounds.

The other day I met an old friend who I hadn’t seen in ages and she asked me if I’d had a boob-job. 🙂

If you would like to increase the size of your breasts or you’re thinking about getting surgery done then I would say hold off and give BreastFast a try first.

Because if you give it a few months you’ll see it really does work.

Sure, it requires a bit of patience but you’ll get there.

The official website to purchase Breast Fast is from

BreastFast Reviews

People treat me better!

Like most women reading this I've always been self conscious about the size of my breasts. We live in a world where women with bigger breasts get adored and treated better.

I have been using breast fast for 4 months and went from a double a cup to a c cup and it makes a big difference.

I do notice that men treat me a lot better too lol.

I know it's shallow but I like to be treated better!

Claire M.

Breast Fast is actually working!

After considering breast enhancement surgery for the last 2 years but being too scared to get it I gave breastfast a try and it's actually working!

Mrs. H

I have gained over 3 inches to my bust!

I began taking these pills 12 weeks ago and according to my tape measure I have gained over 3 inches to my bust so not bad. I still want to be bigger though so I think it's going to take a while.

The price is good and they seem to be working so I'll take it!

Anne Walters

Works, but a bit slow.

I would give BreastFast 3 stars. They do work but the process is a bit slow. I'm a B cup and would like to get to a D cup and I think it will take a while but I am most certainly seeing growth so I guess I'll just have to be patient.


Happy with my Breast Fast results!!

Here are my results.


I'm happy!


I would recommend this

BreastFast has been a big confidence booster for me because it's working. I would recommend it to any woman who wants to get bigger breasts safely.

Jane from Seattle

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What Is BreastFast?

It’s a pill for women who would like to increase their breast size naturally.

91% of women see changes within 3 weeks and 97% of women can expect to gain at least a cup size within 3 months.

The official website to purchase from is and it’s recommended to use it for at least 3 months to give it time to work.

They currently have a buy 2 get one free offer for $129 which is what I purchased.

How do you use it? You basically just take 3 pills per day. You can spread them out like I did or take them all at once.

The longer you take the pills for the bigger you can expect to get.

After you have reached your desired size they say on their website that you can maintain your results by taking 1 pill per week.

Frequently Asked Questions About BreastFast

How long does it take to work? Don’t expect to see changes the first week but you should see results within the first month. The longer you take it the more you will grow.

Are the pills safe? I’ve read tons of reviews and after having taken the pills myself I can say that they are safe and I didn’t notice any negative side effects, nor have I heard of any from anyone else.

Are the results permanent? I think that if you completely stop taking the pills then your breasts will eventually return to normal. You can maintain your results by taking 1 pill per week.

Seeing as there’s 90 pills in a bottle, when you’re in maintenance mode 1 bottle will last almost 2 years so it’s cheap to maintain your results.

Update: It’s been 2 months since I posted this BreastFast review and I’ve been taking 1 pill per week for maintenance and haven’t seen any shrinkage.

How big can I get? Well you can expect to gain a cup size or more within 3 months and I believe that the longer you take the pills the bigger you will get so if you take them for a full year you may gain several cup sizes.

Should You Buy The BreastFast Pills?

In my opinion they’re worth a try.

That is, unless you’re very impatient!

Unfortunately, these pills don’t work overnight but if you’re willing to be patient and stick with it for at least a month (preferably longer) then you can expect to see good results.

Plus, it’s so much cheaper than surgery and it works for 97% of women who try it and no nasty scars either!

I recommend the buy 2 get 1 free offer from the official website at because you can expect good results within 3 months.

If you have any questions about the BreastFast pills then please feel free to ask below!

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